The care and support we can bring to these mothers and their babies goes well beyond volunteering at an event. The best care we can bring is opportunity – opening our doors, homes, and lives to help change the trajectory of their lives. Below is a list of volunteer needs that we have at Jonah’s Journey:

  • Caregivers who are willing to take in an infant long term and provide support to their incarcerated mother.
  • Organizations or businesses who will hire mothers with felony charges.
  • Renters who will rent out homes to people with no credit history.
  • Donations of furniture and clothes to women coming out of prison.
  • Communities and churches who can become aware of the families that provide foster care and be attentive to the needs of those families.


Pray for Jonah’s Journey. Pray for the families in need of help, and for the infants in need of care due to circumstances beyond their control. Pray for the caregivers, that they would have strength and wisdom to know how to best care for the babies placed in their homes.

Advocate for Children

Recommend Jonah’s Journey as a Christian alternative option to parents in jails, hospitals, churches, crisis pregnancy centers, and treatment centers – anywhere a mother finds herself in crisis and needs a safe place for her baby to live.

Become a Caregiver

Become a caregiver. If you would like to begin this process or ask questions about what to expect in this role, please make plans to attend an informational meeting. Meeting times are listed on our website and social media sites. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more.

Donate Supplies

Individuals, businesses and organizations can support the mission of Jonah’s Journey by providing a variety of supplies. Examples include care packages for caregiver families welcoming a new child into their home, gift cards to help purchase items needed to care for the infant, or any other beneficial supplies your group feels led to provide.

Financial Support

Jonah’s Journey is a ministry of Palmer Home for Children. We receive no government funds and depend solely on donations from like-minded community members who share our heart for children. Financial contributions ensure the success of the ministry and allow us to help more infants in need. All contributions are tax-deductible. Click here to donate.