What Makes Us Unique?

We’re reimagining and redesigning our approach to foster care through Jonah’s Journey.

Jonah’s Journey is a privately operated foster care network that places children in single-family homes.  This service allows us to rescue and restore many more vulnerable children.  Many families are curious as to what makes Jonah’s Journey different from state run agencies – in fact, it remains one of the most asked questions to date.

Our Compensation Package

One significant difference is that foster parents (caregivers) through Jonah’s journey do not receive monetary compensation.  These families take in a child, or children, because they believe all children deserve safety, family, love, and an opportunity. Their actions are a response to God’s commands to care for “the least of these” and they share His heart for these young ones in need.

Our Community

Jonah’s Journey caregivers are trained through the Whole Child Initiative. Through this training, our caregivers learn how to care for not only the physical needs, but also the educational, emotional, and spiritual components of every child in their care. Much of the training is conveniently offered online with in-person reviews to supplement and aid learning.

Jonah’s Journey caregivers are also instantly connected to a family of other caregivers through the Jonah’s Journey communities.  Resources and information are never lacking for those who seek support and advice.

Our Passion

As a community, we strive daily to restore the lives of the children currently in our care by providing a loving and stable environment in which they may heal.  Simply put, we believe this number is not enough – there are countless children in need of a safe place to call home, and we are committed to working relentlessly to rescue each and every one of them.

As our waiting list continues to grow, we need the help of passionate individuals like you who can be the answer the next child needs.  Alone, we can never serve all the children in need, but together we can Make Lives Whole for so many more.

Jonah’s Journey caregivers give children a second shot at a loving family and a fulfilling life in a home where they can finally play, trust, sleep safely, learn, eat and grow to be healthy, Christ-seeking adults. If you are interested in becoming a caregiver, fill out the inquiry form.

Jonah’s Journey is an alternative to the state foster care system, provides temporary or long-term care for children in need of a caring home. The ministry began by serving incarcerated mothers in the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville but has evolved over the years to meet the needs of struggling foster care systems in the southern states, regardless of age or situation.

Jonah’s Journey is always looking for those who feel called to care.


Foster families are given the life-changing opportunity to bring a child into their home and show the child Christ’s love firsthand. Often, these children have experienced abuse or abandonment at the hands of a neglectful parent figure and have never had the opportunity to simply be children. Foster families are equipped with emotional, spiritual and educational support, as well as extensive resources and training.


Respite caregivers are needed to give full-time caregivers time to rest and refuel. For families unable to commit to full-time caregiving, respite care is a valuable and crucial part of the Jonah’s Journey.  Please complete the inquiry form.

Become a Caregiver

If you are interested in serving the ministry of Jonah’s Journey as a Caregiver please complete the inquiry form.