About Us

Jonah’s Journey provides temporary or long-term care for children in need of a safe home. The ministry began by serving incarcerated mothers in the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville but has evolved over the years to meet the needs of other children regardless of age or situation.

Jonah’s Journey exists as a network of Christian caregivers who are well-trained and prepared to take in a child in need at a moment’s notice, providing a safe home and the love of a family.

Jonah’s Journey caregivers strive to develop strong relationships with birth family members when possible, with the end goal being healthy and safe reunification. Through its growing network of caregivers, Jonah’s Journey can demonstrate the love of Christ to the children entrusted to the ministry’s care as well as their extended families.

Advisory Board

John Murfee
Troy Jennings
Mark Jacobs
Randy Holcombe