Ways to Give

Are you looking for ways to support the life-changing ministry of Jonah’s Journey? There are a myriad of ways you can support Jonah’s Journey- through giving financially, praying consistently, spreading the word, providing respite care for caregivers – just to name a few!

Employee Giving Campaign – Spread the world about Jonah’s Journey to your coworkers! You might be surprised how much people want to give, but that they don’t know who or how to support. Put up fliers around your office, especially in high traffic areas such as the kitchen and breakroom. Ask your Human Resources department for permission to display more detailed information about Jonah’s Journey in your office. Consider hosting a donut and coffee morning break, a pizza lunch, or an afternoon snack time to tell your coworkers about Jonah’s Journey and the amazing ways God is using this organization to transform lives. Ask your coworkers to become involved with you as you support the ministry of Jonah’s Journey.

Hosted Dinner – Like to eat good food? Enjoy the company of good friends? Blend the two together and host a dinner with friends and share about Jonah’s Journey and your desire to encourage and support this unique, ministry-minded organization. Ask your friends to consider partnering with you as you partner with Jonah’s Journey.

Wedding & Party Favors – Are you getting married soon? Or are you hosting an important birthday party or family reunion?  As much as your guests would love another fridge magnet or a goody bag filled with Jordan almonds, think about donating a gift to Jonah’s Journey in your guests’ honor. Print up a brief description about Jonah’s Journey for each table and encourage to guests to look into this significant organization.

Informational Table at Church – It’s always nice to chat with people after church, especially with coffee and donuts! Ask someone on your church staff about setting up an informational table about Jonah’s Journey one Sunday this fall and spread the word about the ways the Lord is working in the lives of these precious infants and about ways people can get involved! A box of donuts always helps to pique interest!!

Small group “adoption” – Are you in a small group, Bible study, or prayer team? Consider asking your small group to “adopt” Jonah’s Journey for the year. Make a point to pray for Jonah’s Journey on a weekly basis, for infants, for staff, for healing and hope, for wisdom and unity, for peace and joy, for patience and perseverance, and for love and grace to abound. Ask your small group to pool together resources and make a donation.

Prayer Alarm – Do you ever wonder where the day went? It’s as if you woke up and blinked a few times and suddenly the clock says “noon” and a few blinks later you’re washing up dinner dishes and thinking about all the things left on your To Do list. Setting a daily prayer alarm on your watch or phone is a great way to create intentional time in your busy schedule to slow down and pray for a few minutes. Set a daily Jonah’s Journey Alarm and create a meaningful prayer routine that will encourage your heart and bless the lives of others.

Monthly Gift – Jonah’s Journey is blessed by the support of our amazing extended Jonah’s Journey family. Monthly donations allow Jonah’s Journey to continue its restorative work in the lives of infants and mothers. Click here to learn more.

Caregiver Gifts – Caregivers are amazing people! They love and live sacrificially, tirelessly meeting the needs of the special infants within their care. You can bless caregivers with a gift certificate for a dinner date and maybe even a movie afterward! Coffee dates are always welcome too!

Respite Caregivers – A night out on the town is a wonderful treat and so is a weekend away! Are you available to become a certified respite caregiver? Your gift of time is an invaluable way that you can bless the Jonah’s Journey community and can allow our incredible caregivers the opportunity to visit friends and family or attend a wedding or event out of town for a night or two. Time away can provide rest and relaxation and allows caregivers an opportunity to recharge their batteries and reconnect with each other.

Full Time Caregivers – Have you felt called to care for infants in need? Jonah’s Journey caregivers give children a second loving family and a fulfilling life in a home where they can play, trust, sleep safely, learn, eat and grow to be healthy, Christ-seeking adults, until they are reunified with their birth mother. One significant difference is that our foster parents (caregivers) do not receive monetary compensation. These families take in an infant, because they believe all children deserve safety, family, love, and an opportunity. Their actions are a response to God’s commands to care for “the least of these” and they share His heart for these young ones in need. Learn more.

As you can see, the opportunities to support Jonah’s Journey are endless. It takes a moment to make a lifetime of difference, and your life will also be changed as you assist in the restorative and healing process at Jonah’s Journey.

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